Sin037: For All The Pain To Come

by Voidloss



This release is free if you want, if you do decide to download for free, please donat esome money to charity.
My preferred charity is Crisis Uk, helping the homeless during the pandemic
or the PDSA, helping sick animals during this crisis
Or donate to your local homeless or animal charity.

This latest release on Singularity is a direct response to the current situation of a radically changed world due to Covid19.
No no, don`t worry, it’s really not that pretentious.

There is a lot of darkness, death, suffering, fear, paranoia and uncertainty right now.
I found I just couldn't immerse myself in the usual darker or aggressive music I tend to create as a catharsis to reality - and it seemed to be rubbing salt in the wound to even try to do so.
I decided I wanted to make music centred around uplifting people. I focused on themes of love, grace, light and hope, with a little pathos.
Working on this music was a way to keep myself on a positive track, and my hope is that it gives a little light and joy to anyone who listens. Ultimately I found that immersing myself in these washes of light and love to be an essential part of my coping mechanism, and it took over from meditation as a way of uplifting my mind, becoming so addictive I found I had soon made an album.

This is not dark, not trying to be progressive or clever or groundbreaking, not trying to prove anything, the music is intentionally maximal and not minimal, as I want this overwhelming wave of positive emotion to wash over the listener.

The "official" release is free. I guess I look at it as being a gift in some way to anyone who has followed my music. In the long run this is a seemingly futile gesture considering what we are all facing right now. But to ask money and go through the usual bullshit egotistical promotional avenues all seems a bit crass and redundant right now.

So if you have read this far, I sincerely hope you find something positive in this music and that it provides, if only for a moment, a fleeting space of positivity for you.
Stay safe, love IS the answer.

Steve Voidloss.

Featuring the awesome visual art of CaitlinMS-Art, the first artist external artist we have used for Sin covers. Her aesthetic perfectly fits the Sin way.


released April 20, 2020

Written, produced and mastered by Steve Voidloss @ Black Monolith Studio London


all rights reserved



Singularity Recordings UK


: The state, fact, or quality of being singular.
: A singular, unusual, or unique quality; peculiarity.
: Something distinguishing a person or thing from others
: The quality of being one of a kind
: A point in space-time at which gravitational forces cause matter to have infinite density and infinitesimal volume, and space and time to become infinitely distorted.
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