Sin030: Fallen Too Far

by Voidloss



For the 30th!! Singularity Release label boss Voidloss takes over for an extended EP.
7 tracks of challenging electronica coming from a very dark and brutal place.
The first track A Field of Lavender.... begins with a twisted, tortured, distorted bassline that builds and builds in to a rhythmic scream of colliding rusted metal slabs eventually bursting in to half stepping kick drum that sounds like an atomic bomb on repeat.
The tension continues to build as the metal grinding gets more and more agitated, whilst disturbing human wailing creeps in to the mix. The intensity builds to a point where you are literally crushed by the power of the onslaught.
This is an utterly devastating, pounding rhythmic assault, one to finish a set with, make a statement and leave the battlefield in crushed silence.
Track 2 starts with lurching, collapsing rhythm with an infectiously lazy groove. Distorted guitar feedback swims in to the mix like some kind of air raid siren from a horror movie. We are led in from the break by an extremely lazy and laid back riff, catchy but disturbing, that lifts this track into the area between funk and funeral dirge. Unique, intellectual, but infectiously danceable.
Track 3 enters into half-step techno with an aggressive, heavy depth and a rolling, sliding groove. A harmonic drone drifts in to the mix, driving the track forwards and adding some sense of tension. The drones are joined by a fractured, granular melodic bell, that barely holds itself coherently, and yet manges to hook itself in to your mind front and centre. The tones somehow transforms in the latter half of the track as the drones morph into a sorrowful, melancholic but epic chord progression.
Track 4 makes the first moves into a conventional 4 to the floor kick configuration, although one that is so loose and filled with distortion it feels like a machine about to break down and yet still retains plenty of punch and drive. A Hood-like polyrhythmic bell riff takes the track into a pensive mood remaining steady whilst the percussion changes and shifts around the kicks.
The breakdown leads us into an unexpected, angelic, beautiful and utterly euphoric ambience that lifts everything up to a intense and joyful close. It really is a hands in the air moment.
Track 5 takes us back to a half step kick. This beat sounds like superman pounding his fists against the side of an oil tanker, it's massive. A melodic pad leads us into a sudden shift back in to 4 to the floor territory via a classic 909 clap driving forwards.
The short breakdown allows the melody to spin down, and a sudden change happens as a distorted rave synth crashes the party taking the mood from melancholic to unbridled rage. A moment of dancefloor chaos should result.
Track 6 starts with another slippery, lurching groove that really wants your hips to move. As the beat builds the mix is joined by what sounds like some kind of war dirge, from a chorus of war horns echoing down some desert valley. The effect is haunting and threatening. To add the to disturbia, a giant, grinding, war machine percussion groove slides in to the space adding an edge of dirty funk to the proceedings. Evil funk for the floor.
The final track takes us in to that grey area of bass music. Thick, clunking, laid back grooves with scraping, crunching layers of shimmer on top are joined by a slowly looping synth that sounds like a self aware robot crying out in it's last moments of sentience. A big bass drone pushes the track in to dubstep territory as the beats slide around. A short break introduces a hideously formed guitar feedback riff that pushes the disturbance setting all the way to the red. Truly the darkest bass music experience for a while.
Overall this EP is an intelligent, dark, unsettling exploration of the edges of dancefloor possibility, and lights the path for future 2015 Voidloss releases.


released April 9, 2015

Produced by Voidloss
Mastered @ Black Monolith Studio


all rights reserved



Singularity Recordings UK


: The state, fact, or quality of being singular.
: A singular, unusual, or unique quality; peculiarity.
: Something distinguishing a person or thing from others
: The quality of being one of a kind
: A point in space-time at which gravitational forces cause matter to have infinite density and infinitesimal volume, and space and time to become infinitely distorted.
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