Sin019: Held on the Weight of Whispers

by Blind Summit



Summer comes to Singularity Recordings, and as always we like to release something special before we take a break, and so we are proud to represent the first album from Blind Summit.
Mr Summit, after much hard work, presented us with a deep conceptual musical working which exceeded our expectations. The album is born out of a deep personal tragedy and the process of working through this emotional trauma led to internal discussions concerning chaos, life, death, loss, blissful joy, individual suffering and denial. The album shows some roots tracing back to the earlier years of techno, with the more musical leanings of Detroit and European electronica, but also dips into contemporary orchestral arrangements, with less repetition than motor city music. There is an obvious influence of environment and landscape, particularly the countryside of the north of England, which is the home of Blind Summit and something which he openly loves and expresses in his own photography. The countryside of the north is a juxtaposition of lush greenery, decaying historical industrialism, and misty melancholy, and we hear this in the music.
We won't go into a track by track synopsis of the album, the music deserves to be listened to and digested without a guide, and the album is entirely about listening. Don't expect a collection of tracks designed to be slotted into a few minutes of a DJ set, this is electronica firmly aimed at the ears and the soul and we encourage you to let Blind summit take you on a journey through a landscape of emotion.


released July 9, 2012

Composed and Produced by Blind Summit
Mastered by Steve Loss @ Black Monolith Studios


all rights reserved



Singularity Recordings UK


: The state, fact, or quality of being singular.
: A singular, unusual, or unique quality; peculiarity.
: Something distinguishing a person or thing from others
: The quality of being one of a kind
: A point in space-time at which gravitational forces cause matter to have infinite density and infinitesimal volume, and space and time to become infinitely distorted.
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